Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort Ski and Snowboard Lessons
1. Evergreen Outdoor Center International Ski & Snowborad School 
3. Hakuba Goryu F-style School
Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort
The best season in Hakuba Goryu is winter.There are people of all ages gathered from all over Japan.Spectacular slopes stretch with the Japan Alps in the background.Common Pass for ski lifts can be used for both Hakuba Goryu and Hakuba 47.There are 2 of 8 seating gondolas, 17 of lifts with double and quad seats and 23 courses altogether in Hakuba Goryu. These latest facilities and groomed slopes with excellent snow condition attract many skiers and snowboarders.
An extensive spread of courses makes everyone enjoy depending on their competence from beginners to advanced.
There are children’s courses also to play safely with family.
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